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The Darker
Side of Oz

If you have yet to do Escape From Oz come by and give it a shot, because soon it will be gone forever!


You will have 60 minutes to work together to crack the codes, find clues and solve the puzzles to achieve one goal: escaping the room! Join friends, family, or coworkers as you work together and channel your inner detective.

Can you escape the room in time?

Enjoy escape room adventures in 3 Themes



From Oz


Aladdin: Quest for the Lamp

8-Bit Background.jpg



Friends & Family

Let’s face it…your family and friends need to put down their cell phones and actually interact with each other. Or maybe you just want to lock them in a room. Either way, Elite Escape Room is the place for you!

Gift Cards are a great way to entice the family to join the adventure!

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Team Building

Do you need to develop your team’s communication or camaraderie? Tired of the same boring team building exercise where your employees are falling asleep? Reserve our rooms exclusively for your group and spend a few hours in your next team building session! 

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We are conveniently located just off of I-76 right in Exton, PA. Next time you visit the area, make sure to spend one hour with us!

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