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Frequently Asked Questions

what is an escape room?

An escape room is a live action adventure in which you find clues, solve puzzles, and use your wits to make your way through. You will have 60 minutes to work together to crack the codes and achieve one goal: escaping the room! Join friends, family, or coworkers as you work together and channel your inner detective. Can you escape the room in time?

who can do an escape room?

Anyone! Our rooms are designed for adults in mind, but are themed for all ages. You can have the kids aged 5 and older come with you and they'll have a blast just as much as your entire party!

how much does it cost? 

$26.50 per person. If you have a large group (More than 10), please call for group rates!

can i cancel or reschedule?

We here at Elite Escape understand that sometimes things happen. We are happy to be of assistance to anyone as best we can. With that being said, all changes to bookings must be done at least 48 hours before your allotted start time.


There are no refunds given within 48 hours of your start time. 

*Note* - Any rescheduled booking will not receive a refund even if cancelled within the 48 hour period.

how long does it take? 

Plan to spend about 90 minutes at Elite Escape. This will include a brief introduction going over the rules. You will have up to 60 minutes to attempt to escape the room and will also leave time for some fun pictures afterwards.

what if i'm running late?

These are live-action events, so you must arrive on time to participate. Your time will begin to run at the time of your scheduled appointment. 

There are no refunds or exchanges for participants who arrive past their booking time!

how early should we arrive?

You should plan on arriving 15 minutes before your scheduled time. This is important as you will receive a short briefing on how your game will be played!  There is plenty of free parking near the escape room in Exton.  

do i need reservations?

You do not NEED a reservation per se, but it is HIGHLY advised. Although we can take walk-ins and try our best to help out in any given situation, sometimes a room may already be booked and we just can't fit you into that time slot. Booking ahead takes care of that and guarantees your place!

Please note that if there is a time where we do not have something already booked it does not mean that someone will be in the store. 

will there be other people in the room? 

NO! All of our rooms are completely private, so you will never be in a room with anyone other than your party!

my child wants to do this with their friends, do i have to go in with them? 

Any groups with minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a paying parent/guardian inside of the room for the entirety of the game. Please note, no one under the age of 5 is admitted into a game!

are we really locked in?

There is always an unlocked door during the game in which you can leave for any reason, the time will remain running once the game has begun.

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